“In my experience it is rare to find a contractor who delivers a project on budget, on programme and to the standard expected - Jaques not only did all three, but moreover did it with skill, personality and good humour.”

“Couldn’t be happier; completed on budget – and a day early. The whole experience was amazing. The house felt like our home from the day we moved in, and we still can’t believe it’s ours.”

“The whole team were absolutely amazing, a pleasure to work with and a great example of the benefits of excellent teamwork.”

“We chose Jaques Construction because they were supposed to be brilliant. And they were. We looked at three of their previous projects and met the clients, all of which had become friends.

It’s also a real honour to be the third house that Jaques Construction have built to go on the cover of a Self-Build Magazine. A great diary of achievement for future generations.”

“ I would recommend David and his team to anyone undertaking a building project and would be happy to talk to anyone on the phone and allow a visit to the house….”

“Before you accept another quote, have a look around here. We are absolutely over the moon.”

“Jaques Construction employed skilled and trustworthy workmen. Building is all about ‘trust’ – and with David Jaques, you need have no doubts”

“The finish, the touch and feel, the small details we added and they suggested to make the house just so, are all testament to Jaques Construction, and that quality is felt right the way through the build.”

“The project itself ran beautifully, and Jaques seemed to realise that they were creating a dream rather than just another house, and treated the project that way from start to finish.”